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Founded in 2005, TIMESCONSULT is an executive search and staffing agency with offices in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Singapore and Bangkok and looking towards furthering our presence throughout South East Asia.

TIMESCONSULT prides itself in assisting thousands of businesses across all business sectors in building a strong workforce while helping hundreds of thousands of job seekers in finding their dream job.

We do this by providing professional advice and tools to both businesses and job seekers to help them in achieving their goals.


We serve clients across all industries


We assist hundreds of jobseekers everyday


We are a 'people' business. Dedicated recruiters are our strong business proposition

We serve clients across every major industry and sector.

Our clients turn to us for advice on recruitment, market updates and know-how in recruitment.

Research & Advisory

Our business is all about recruitment where our clients look to us to provide accurate advice on recruitment, salary benchmarks, staffing and most of all finding the right employee.


Our team of experienced and dedicated recruiters work tirelessly by working with you to find that ideal job seeker who meets your requirements which in turn helps reduce your sourcing time.

Since 2005, TIMESCONSULT has been one of the most trusted recruitment firms with offices in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Singapore and Bangkok. This has given us the opportunity to help more than 2000 companies successfully recruit suitable employees.

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TIMESCONSULT assists thousands of businesses in employments and hundred thousands of job seekers in careers.

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