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Managing your career search strategy effectively

When developing a career search strategy, you are in essence making a career change, whether it is a move up the ladder or a lateral move to a different role. A successful career search includes much more than browsing through the classified ads in the newspapers each day and posting your resume on one or two recruitment sites online.

Instead of haphazardly jumping into a career search, it is best to create your own career search strategy so that you can achieve success in your search.

Start off by identifying your target career. This includes the industry, position, level, geographic area and salary range. The more you know about what you are seeking, the more targeted you can make your career search.

Once you have identified your target career, learn as much as you can about the requirements of this position. You can do this through Internet research, industry publications and best of all, networking with friends, family and business contacts in the field. Make sure your CV, cover letter, references and other supporting documentation are tailored towards the position or field you are pursuing.

With your plan in place, you are ready to launch your full-scale career search campaign. Browse through help wanted ads, post your CV to online recruitment sites or try a headhunter. The most effective way to find a career is networking. Once you spread the word that you are seeking a position in a particular field, you will be amazed at how many opportunities present themselves.

While making a lot of contacts is an excellent way of ensuring a successful career search, it is just as important to be organised and maintain comprehensive records of your actions. Set up a spreadsheet for each organisation you approach. Be sure to include the full details of the contact, the gist of the conversation, and any follow-up action that you plan to take.

Maintain a positive attitude, keep up your productivity, and in no time at all, you will have your share of interviews and your career search ending quickly and successfully.
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